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Emergency Ride Home

You may qualify for an Emergency Ride Home credit under Transportation Services’ ERH Pilot Program if you’re stuck on campus due to a circumstance that:

  • Could not be predicted or avoided, and
  • Makes it impossible to travel home the same way that you traveled to campus

Qualified rides meet the definition of an emergency (above) and:

  • Originate on campus, and
  • Terminate at:
    • The rider’s off-campus residence, or
    • A hospital or urgent care center, or
    • The rider’s vehicle, parked at an off-campus park and ride or carpool partner’s residence

Transportation Services funds and administers the ERH Pilot Program for current commuter students, faculty and staff. We recognize that budgets can be tight so rather than operating on a reimbursement basis like most ERH programs, we provide an up-front credit for ERH rides and require users to validate their ride after the fact. If you claim a ride and do not validate your ride within 72 hours of claiming it, OR if your ride is deemed ineligible, you will be charged the $10 value of the ride credit. Eligible individuals may receive one emergency ride home credit in an academic quarter.

If you need an emergency ride home, you can request an ERH credit through your Triton Commuter Club Account.

  • Open your Triton Commuter Club Account.
  • Click “Login Here.”
  • Sign in using your SSO account.
  • Follow the prompts to set up your daily commute log.
  • Scroll to the bottom of the page to view your active rewards.
  • Select the Emergency Ride Home Program and follow the prompts to claim your code.
  • Watch your email. We’ll send you a one-time use Lyft code worth $10.
  • Complete the ERH validation survey within 72 hours of claiming your code. See email for survey link.
  • In the event your ride was deemed ineligible, you will be sent a bill for the $10 value of your ERH credit.

Lyft is the exclusive partner of Transportation Services’ ERH Program. If you are unable to use Lyft, contact Triton Transit for assistance, (858) 534-7422 (6 a.m. to midnight weekdays, 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. weekends, excluding holidays). Outside Triton Transit’s service hours, contact UC San Diego Police for assistance, (858) 534-9255.


Students living in on-campus housing do not qualify for the ERH program. Use Dial-A-Ride Transit or the Safety Escort Program for assistance getting from your on-campus location to your on-campus residence. DART and the Safety Escort Program can also assist you with getting from your current location to an on-campus MTS bus stop.

Student Employees, Faculty and Staff

If your emergency occurs while working on or off campus, you may qualify for reimbursement under iCommute’s Guaranteed Ride Home program. Advance registration for the Guaranteed Ride Home program is required. iCommute determines qualifications to participate in the program and has sole authority over whether rides are reimbursable.

For current program details, view the participation guidelines and agreement online.