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Passenger Loading Zones

To improve passenger safety and traffic flow, UC San Diego partnered with ride-hailing companies to designate geo-fenced restricted passenger zones on the main campus, at Scripps Institution of Oceanography and UC San Diego Health – Hillcrest and La Jolla. View perferred and exclusion zones on the campus map.

We will continue to update these zones to account for construction impacts, community feedback and special access needs. 

Passenger Loading Zone Locations

Transportation Services and Campus Planning identified passenger loading zones that are located within a short walk from most buildings. Look for these signs at locations:

Passenger Loading Zone sign

  1. Scripps @ Caroline's Café
  2. Naga Way
  3. Birch Aquarium
  4. Nierenberg Hall
  5. Theater District
  6. Revelle South Parking Lot
  7. Revelle College North
  8. Main Gym
  9. Peterson Loop
  10. Marshall Residence Halls
  11. Pangea Parking Structure
  12. Marshall Uppers
  13. Eleanor Roosevelt College West
  14. Eleanor Roosevelt College East
  15. Rady School of Management
  16. North Campus Visitor Loop
  17. Spanos Athletic Center
  18. Supercomputer Center
  19. Geisel Loop
  20. Mandeville Center
  21. Osler Parking Structure
  22. Gilman Dr. & Myers Ln.
  23. Price Center Loop
  24. Warren College Equality Ln.
  25. Warren College Justice Ln.
  26. Russell Ln.
  27. Sixth College Residence Halls
  28. Canyonview Aquatic Center
  29. Sixth College Apartments North
  30. Sixth College Apartments South
  31. Baseball Field
  32. Medical Center Rear Loop
  33. Thornton Pavilion Loop
  34. Medical Center Dr. South
  35. One Miramar Apartments
  36. One Miramar Parking Garage
  37. Miramar St. East
  38. Miramar St. North
  39. Miramar St. South
  40. Miramar St, West
  41. Health Sciences Dr. Loop
  42. Medical Center Dr. North
  43. P704/Regents Parking Lot
  44. Che Café
  45. Muir West
  46. UC San Diego Extension
  47. Vento northwest side
  48. Vento west side
  49. South of Brisa – La Jolla Family House