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Carpools and Vanpools

Faculty, staff and students who live off campus, commute to UC San Diego and are committed to carpooling daily can form a carpool or vanpool and receive incentives.

  • Carpools consist of 2‒4 eligible members.
  • Vanpools are large carpools consisting of five or more eligible members that use a third-party leased vehicle. The SANDAG Vanpool Program provides a convenient, cost-effective way for groups of five or more people to get to work in and around the San Diego region.


  • Save time: Vehicles with two or more passengers can use high occupancy vehicle (HOV) lanes.
  • Save money: Share the cost of an annual permit and gas.
  • Get priority parking:
    • 3+ Person Reserved
      • Receive a 3-Person Carpool access sticker when you have 3 or more registered carpool members.
      • Carpool space access requires that 3+ members carpool on the day of use.
    • 2+ Person Reserved
      • Receive a 2-Person Carpool access sticker for use in 7–11 a.m. limited reserved S parking spaces near ramps in Osler and Hopkins Parking Structures.
      • Carpool space access requires that 2+ members carpool on the day of use.
  • Emergency rides home: Triton Commuter Club and SANDAG provide carpoolers and vanpoolers emergency ride home support in case of illness, unscheduled overtime or family emergencies.

Find or Form a Carpool or Vanpool

Use UC San Diego’s Triton Commuter Club or personal networking to find other UC San Diego faculty, staff and students who want to carpool.

Register a Carpool or Vanpool

  1. Each carpool must choose a primary driver who purchases a single valid multiyear, annual or student quarterly parking permit that the carpool shares. Other members can share driving responsibilities.
    • Campus residents may not be listed as carpool drivers or riders.
    • First and second-year students cannot be primary drivers or permit users unless they have received an approved quarterly permit exception.
  2. Email a list of your carpool or vanpool participants including their student or employee ID numbers. Include screenshots of the current quarter work or class schedules for each participant.


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