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Department Overview

Transportation Services (TS) significantly affects the student, public/patient and employee experience at all UC San Diego locations, including Main Campus, Scripps Institution of Oceanography, Hillcrest Health Campus, La Jolla Health Campus, UC San Diego Health East Campus (Alvarado Medical Center), Tri-City Medical Center Campus, and Rancho Bernardo medical complex, UC San Diego's downtown presence at Park & Market, clinic locations across the UC San Diego Health portfolio, and campus real estate holdings and expansion initiatives, including Morena Boulevard and the nascent South County presence. The department is a critical partner in planning and delivering the physical transformation of the campus in addition to its essential role in planning and delivering a wide range of context-specific and audience-specific mobility solutions that support the Campus Activation initiative, Destination Campus vision and daily university operations. In addition to these roles, TS departments have research collaborations across multiple units and provide a living laboratory for energy, public policy, engineering, business and economics, urban planning and design, and psychology/behavioral research.

Transportation Services is comprised of multiple self-sustaining (both auxiliary and recharge) departments in which all costs (capital and operating) must be supported by revenue from department operations. For these auxiliary and recharge units, service, efficiency and financial stewardship are central to our identity and Shingo Lean methods are a significant part of our culture and business processes. As a major organizational unit under Operations Management and Capital Programs, TS is committed to OMCP's "Five Cs.”

Transportation Services employs approximately 80 career staff and 200 student staff. TS budgets total ~$60 million annually and assets under management exceed $500 million.

Standard Work for Everyone

  1. Act consistently with the UC San Diego's Principles of Community.
  2. Act selflessly to assist other team members who are struggling.
  3. Actively participate in continuous improvement efforts.
  4. Communicate in clear and respectful ways.
  5. Address conflict quickly, maturely and with appropriate transparency.
  6. Ask for and accept help when needed.
  7. Demonstrate self-accountability by choosing to own instead of choosing to blame.
  8. Ensure the personal, professional and psychological safety of all team members.
  9. Maintain positive thinking and a solution orientation.
  10. Recognize and appreciate the positive contributions that colleagues make to the team.
  11. Step outside our designated roles to further the success of the team.

Standard Work for Leaders

  1. Create a great working and learning environment that supports and advances UC San Diego's Principles of Community.
  2. Act with integrity; treat all colleagues and customers with respect.
  3. Champion continuous improvement and innovation that responds to customer and university needs.
  4. Facilitate a collaborative approach to achieving team, unit and university goals.
  5. Communicate clearly about work expectations and how our teams' work supports the UC San Diego and unit missions.
  6. Encourage and support colleagues in pursuit of professional development, learning opportunities and training.
  7. Cultivate an environment where employees are empowered to make independent, efficiency-driven process changes by practicing Shingo methods.
  8. Take personal ownership of gaps and celebrate colleague and team successes.
  9. Advance programs through continuous improvement of existing services and innovation that responds to customer needs.
  10. Provide thoughtful stewardship of unit resources.

The 5 Cs – Our Commitments

  1. Customer Service
  2. Collaboration
  3. Communication
  4. Continuous Improvement
  5. Cost-Efficiency


Transportation Services provides the UC San Diego community and campus guests with flexible and sustainable transportation solutions that help them realize the promise of UC San Diego’s education, research, patient care and public service missions.


We believe that physical mobility is a basic human need and that by improving physical mobility, we can transform lives. We embrace the vision of UC San Diego as a destination public university and by helping the community connect to the programs and promise of UC San Diego, we will enable social and economic mobility.

Customer Promise

Our offerings will reflect the diversity of our customers and their needs. We will provide our customers with meaningful transportation choices and the information necessary to make the best choices for their unique situations.


Every aspect of our work is informed by UC San Diego’s Values. As an auxiliary, we are uniquely invested in the culture of service, collaboration and entrepreneurship that they articulate.