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Parking for Contractors

For parking purposes, a contractor is defined as any external company that provides construction, construction-related maintenance and repair, or utility infrastructure services to UC San Diego

Contractors who must park on university property while performing these services may choose from several parking options, depending on the size and duration of the job. See visitor parking for daily and hourly options.

Contractor Permits

  • For contractors working onsite for 1–3 months
  • Generally valid in S (yellow), B (green) and metered spaces (no fee required) and at Scripps Institution of Oceanography (no sticker required)
  • Usually limited to one per project
  • Additional privileges allowed as needed, upon request
  • Rate: $15/day or $176/month
  • Submit a completed contractor permit application (PDF), signed by the UC San Diego project manager assigned to your job, by:
    • Mailing or delivering the original form to the appropriate parking office
    • Scanning and emailing the signed form to the campus parking office

Leased Parking Spaces

  • Reserve marked parking spaces for construction, trailer installation, temporary buildings, and similar activities.
  • Each reserved space costs $174 per month and can be paid by check or departmental recharge. Additional charges for setup, maintenance and area restoration may apply.
  • Your UC San Diego project manager should submit an online request at least 30 days in advance. (Note to Project Managers: The online request form is only accessible if you are connected to UC San Diego networks or See details.)
  • Approval is not automatic. Requests are considered on a case-by-case basis.
  • Direct questions to Marco Arciniega, (858) 534-0273.