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Parking Citation Appeal Process

The levels of the appeal process appear below. Level 1 explains how to proceed through the initial administrative review process. Levels 2 and 3 explain how to advance your appeal if the initial result is unfavorable.

Level 1: Administrative Review

Pursuant to California Vehicle Code § 40215

You have 21 calendar days from the date the citation is issued to submit a written appeal for a Level 1 administrative review.

The Office of Citation Administration only accepts written and electronic appeals because we must retain appeal records to meet audit requirements.

When reviewing citation appeals, adjudicators primarily base their decisions on these two questions:

  1. Did the citing officer cite in error?
  2. Does the appeal and/or supporting documentation demonstrate that extenuating circumstances make fine reduction or citation dismissal appropriate?

Appeals should be submitted online. Scan and upload any documentation that supports your claim. Keep your citation and make a copy of your appeal for your records.

Until adjudicators complete their review, the citation fine is placed on hold and no additional fees are charged. You will be sent an appeal result letter within 21 days of submitting your appeal. You may also check your appeal status online or contact us at (858) 534-4223 for your appeal results. Have your citation or license plate number ready.

If your appeal results letter requests that you to submit proof of a valid permit for the day and time in question, submit a copy of your dated parking permit or ParkMobile app receipt that includes date, time and license plate number in one of these ways:

  • Email (preferred):
  • Mail:

    UC San Diego
    Office of Citation Administration
    9500 Gilman Drive #0042
    La Jolla, CA 92093-0042

You may call (858) 534-4223 between 6:30 a.m. and 6 p.m. weekdays to confirm receipt of your evidence.

Level 2: Administrative Hearing

Pursuant to California Vehicle Code § 40215

A Level 1 appeal is mandatory to proceed to a Level 2 hearing. If you would like to further contest the citation, you may request a Level 2 hearing. Any reduction offered as a result of the Level 1 appeal will no longer be honored and the original fine must be paid in full.

To proceed, complete the following actions within 21 calendar days of your Level 1 results — the due date on your Result of Administrative Review letter:

  1. Pay the original fine (see Penalty Amounts). If the Level 1 appeal resulted in your balance being reduced, please include your request to reinstate the initial amount in the next step. A fee waiver is available if you establish low-income status.
  2. Email with your citation number to request a Level 2 hearing.
    1. Hearings must be requested within 21 calendar days of your Level 1 results.
    2. Hearings are scheduled within a 90 day period from the date of the hearing request. You will be scheduled into the next available 20 minute time slot.

An independent examiner conducts written and phone hearings on the first and third Thursday of each month between 9 a.m. and 2 p.m. A one-time reschedule request of up to 21 days is allowed due to scheduling conflict or failure to appear.

If the hearing examiner overturns the citation, you will receive a full refund. If the hearing examiner upholds the citation, a refund will not be issued and you may proceed to Level 3 appeal.

Level 3: Civil Appeal

Pursuant to California Vehicle Code § 40230

A Level 2 administrative hearing is mandatory to proceed to a Level 3 hearing. If you are dissatisfied with the results of your administrative hearing, you may file a civil appeal for the parking citation.

To further contest the citation, you must file a request with the San Diego Superior Court within 30 calendar days after personal delivery or within 35 days after mailing (Code Civ. Proc. § 1031) of the issuing agency’s final decision.

Your request must include:

  • Copy of the Result of Administrative Hearing
  • ORIGINAL Notice of Appeal – Administrative Parking Hearing (SDSC Form #MO-035)
  • ORIGINAL Proof of Service of Notice of Appeal – Administrative Parking Hearing (SDSC Form #MO-036)
  • $25 fee (check or money order) or a completed Request to Waive Court Fees (JC Form #FW-001)

A separate request must be submitted for each parking citation. Checks or money orders are to be made payable to "Clerk of the Superior Court." Requests may be submitted by mail to, or deposited in the court’s Express Drop Box at:

San Diego Superior Court
Attn: Administrative Parking Hearing Appeals
8950 Clairemont Mesa Blvd.
San Diego, CA 92123-1187

If the civil appeal process finds you are not liable, any amount paid will be refunded, including the $25 filing fee.


Contact the Office of Citation Administration, (858) 534-4223.