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Triton Mobility carts

Triton Mobility Services – ADA

If you are a student, staff or faculty member with a disability, Triton Mobility Services can help you travel between ADA-compliant locations on the La Jolla campus via a wheelchair-accessible van or cart.

To arrange transportation for disabled visitors attending campus events, see Arranging Event Parking for Guests.

Reduced Service

Due to low ridership, effective May 11, 2020:

  • Triton Transit will operate the Medical Center Shuttle and Grocery Shuttle on their regular schedules and provide on-demand service 5:30 a.m. to 10 p.m. for other routes.
  • Triton Mobility Services will offer on-demand service 6:30 a.m. to 10 p.m.
  • On-demand service will use carts, minivans, vans, or buses if needed for bigger groups. Seating is limited due to social distancing, buses can accommodate 5–8 passengers only.


Weekdays, excluding university holidays:

  • Fall, winter and spring quarters: 7:10 a.m. – 10:50 p.m.
  • Summer Sessions and academic breaks: 7 a.m. – 4:10 p.m.

Already have your login ID?

Use the online reservation system.


Disabled students, staff and faculty who need more information can contact ADA Transport, (858) 822-2603.

Establish your eligibility.

  1. Contact the appropriate agency for instructions on how to validate your disabled status.
  2. Receive your login ID via email (if approved). Triton Mobility Services communicates with customers electronically, so provide an email account that you check frequently.

Access to Triton Mobility Services is reserved for people with limited mobility. If you are not approved, alternatives include using the free campus shuttle system or parking with disabled person placards.

If your disability lasted longer than expected, contact the relevant agency above to resubmit medical documentation.

Reserve a pickup time and place.

Request rides to and from class, the Office for Students with Disabilities, Student Health Services and UC San Diego Health – La Jolla. Off-campus service is not provided.

  • Use the online reservation service to schedule trips a day or more in advance.
    • Reserve a single or recurring pickup time. Rides are reserved on a first-come, first-served basis, so you may have to choose a pickup time that's earlier or later than your first choice.
    • Note: Newly registered passengers are not able to use online reservations service the first day of enrollment. To schedule a pickup on the first day of enrollment, call Triton Mobility Services, (858) 822-2603, at least 40 minutes in advance.
  • Same-day service is not available.

Change or cancel your reservation.

  • To change a scheduled pickup, call Triton Mobility Services, (858) 822-2603, at least 30 minutes in advance.
  • To cancel a ride, call Triton Mobility Services, (858) 822-2603, as early as possible, but at least 30 minutes in advance.
  • If an unexpected condition will cause you to be late or miss your pickup—for example, you are unable to find parking near your scheduled stop—call Triton Mobility Services and explain. As long as the change doesn't disrupt the driver's ability to pick up the next passenger, you can arrange a different campus pickup location.

Observe these guidelines.

  • Do not choose a wheelchair-accessible cart if you do not need one.
  • If your desired pickup time is not available, you will need to choose an earlier or later time. 
  • It’s your responsibility to be at your pickup location at the scheduled time. Drivers wait no longer than 5 minutes.
  • Provide a cell phone number and carry it when a ride is scheduled so you can be notified of changes or delays.
  • Drivers will assist you out of the vehicle. If you need assistance getting to a specific room or floor, you must make your own arrangements.
  • If you miss a ride without canceling, your transportation services will be suspended until you contact Triton Mobility Services and request to be reinstated.
    • If you do not request reinstatement within a week of the missed ride, Triton Mobility Services will permanently cancel your transportation services.
    • If you miss four rides, Triton Mobility Services will permanently cancel your transportation services, unless you are reinstated by the Office for Students with Disabilities or DisAbility Counseling and Consulting (faculty and staff).
  • If you forget your password, call Triton Mobility Services, (858) 822-2603, during business hours to have your password reset.
student drivers

We Hire Student Drivers!

Triton Mobility is an entirely student-staffed service and offers an ideal environment for students who are looking for a job on campus while attending school. Benefits of being a Triton Mobility driver include:

  • Flexible hours
  • Working with a great group of dedicated people
  • Time off during university holidays and academic breaks (Interested drivers may have the opportunity to work during academic breaks.)
  • Guaranteed $14/hour
  • No previous golf cart driving experience required – Our carts are “low-speed vehicles,” meaning they drive more like a car than a golf cart.
  • Paid training – We give drivers a mandatory classroom and field training session to ensure that they operate our carts safely. New drivers will shadow an experienced driver for up to one week until they feel comfortable driving alone. All drivers and dispatchers must attend a mandatory refresher training each academic quarter.


To be considered for a Triton Mobility driver position, you must:

  • Be a registered UC San Diego undergraduate or graduate student in good academic standing with no outstanding student fees
  • Possess a valid class C (regular) driver's license
  • Have one year of safe, U.S. licensed driving experience — no more than one point on relevant DMV record and no license suspensions or revocations
  • Be available to work a minimum of 12 hours per week
  • Obtain your DMV driving record, which costs $5, by submitting an online Driver Record Request or visiting your local DMV (You may schedule an appointment first.) If your driver’s license was issued by a different state, check with that state’s DMV.
  • Keep a copy for your DMV driving records

Note: Triton Mobility Services handles applicants who have accidents and/or tickets on their driving record on a case-by-case basis. Violations, such as DUI, evasion, hit and run, racing or other serious convictions disqualify you from being a Triton Mobility driver.

How to Apply


We appreciate your interest in becoming a Triton Mobility Services driver. If you have questions, contact, (858) 822-2603, or visit us in the Transit Operations trailer at the north end of the Campus Services Complex.