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UC San Diego ProRide for Faculty

UC San Diego ProRide is a pilot program that provides a free, sustainable transportation option to improve faculty mobility on campus. Our fleet of Honda Civics and wheelchair-accessible vans will take you to any of the pickup and drop-off locations in our service area.

If you are a student, staff or faculty member with a disability, Triton Mobility Services can help you travel between ADA-compliant locations on campus.

Suspended Service

ProRide service is suspended. If you do not have any other campus mobility option, limited on-demand campus transportation is available by calling (858) 534-7422.


Weekdays, excluding university holidays:

  • 7 a.m. – 4 p.m. during Summer Sessions 1 and II, July 1 through Sept. 6, 2019
  • 7 a.m. – 8 p.m. during academic quarters
  • 7 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. during academic breaks, complementary Lyft Concierge service is available

On-Demand Service

Like other ride services, you can only request real-time ProRide pickups. If you call to request a ride, our dispatchers cannot schedule pickups in advance.

All pickup requests enter a real-time queue. Currently, the system cannot provide wait times. When you submit your pickup request, you can view your ride status in the system. The driver will take you to your destination and proceed to the next request in the queue.

To help ensure timely service for other passengers, drivers cannot wait for you at a drop-off location. If needed, you must request a new ride to return or go to another location.

We suggest that you request a pickup 15-20 minutes before your desired arrival time. You may experience longer wait times during peak hours, 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. We appreciate your patience as we refine our service.

ProRide Lyft Concierge

UC San Diego has an enterprise relationship with Lyft and participating campus departments are using Lyft to enhance their services. ProRide is leveraging this agreement to reduce passenger wait times during peak hours.

Currently, when all ProRide drivers are busy during peak hours, passengers must wait longer in the Dispatchur app queue for drivers to accept ride requests. With Lyft Concierge, a ProRide dispatcher can transfer a pickup request to a Lyft driver to provide faster service, at no cost.

How It Works

  1. Request a ProRide pickup. If you request a pickup during peak hours, we may dispatch your ride to a Lyft driver for faster service.
  2. ProRide will send you a text message informing you that ProRide has reached driver capacity and we are dispatching a Lyft driver.
  3. Lyft will send you a text message requiring that you accept their terms and conditions and to provide ride information.
  4. Meet your Lyft driver at the pickup location.


Faculty who have or are eligible for a current A parking permit can participate in the ProRide pilot program.


Due to vehicle size, ProRide cannot offer door-to-door service to all campus buildings. Select the closest pickup/drop-off location.

Main Campus

  • MC - Eleanor Roosevelt College (East)
  • MC - Gilman Dr / Mandeville Ln (North)
  • MC - Gilman Dr / Mandeville Ln (South)
  • MC - Gilman Dr / Osler Ln (East)
  • MC - Gilman Dr / Osler Ln (West)
  • MC - Gilman Transit Center (North)
  • MC - Gilman Transit Center (South)
  • MC - Gliderport
  • MC - Marshall College (East)
  • MC - North Point (North)
  • MC - North Point (South)
  • MC - P103 (North)
  • MC - P103 (South)
  • MC - P510
  • MC - Pacific Hall (West)
  • MC - Warren Apts (East)
  • MC - Warren Apts (West)

Parking Structures

  • PS - Athena
  • PS - Campus Point East
  • PS - Campus Point West
  • PS - Gilman
  • PS - Hopkins
  • PS - Osler
  • PS - Pangea
  • PS - TPCN
  • PS - TPCS

Scripps Institution of Oceanography

  • SIO - Birch Aquarium
  • SIO - P002 Director’s Office
  • SIO - P007 Hubbs Hall
  • SIO - P010 Johnson House
  • SIO - P014 Keck Center

School of Medicine

  • SOM - BRF II
  • SOM - P602
  • SOM - P603
  • SOM - P610
  • SOM - School of Pharmacy

UC San Diego Health System


  • HS - 4510 Executive Drive
  • HS - 4520 Executive Drive
  • HS - 8899 University Center Lane
  • HS - 8910 Villa La Jolla Drive
  • HS - 8929 University Center Lane
  • HS - 8939 Villa La Jolla Drive
  • HS - 8950 Villa La Jolla Drive
  • HS - 9333 Genesee Avenue
  • HS - ACTRI
  • HS - CALM
  • HS - CTIPM
  • HS - ECOB
  • HS - Jacobs Medical Center
  • HS - Koman Family Outpatient Pav.
  • HS - Moores Cancer Center
  • HS - P703
  • HS - P704
  • HS - P705
  • HS - P751
  • HS - P752
  • HS - P757
  • HS - P758
  • HS - P759
  • HS - P760
  • HS - P782
  • HS - P784
  • HS - P785
  • HS - Perlman Medical Offices
  • HS - PET/CT Imaging Center
  • HS - Radiation Oncology
  • HS - Shiley Eye Institute
  • HS - Sulpizio Cardiovascular Center
  • HS - Thornton Hospital
  • HS - VA Hospital

Other Locations

  • 9520 Towne Centre Drive
  • 9560 Towne Centre Drive
  • Faculty Club
  • Mandeville Center Loop
  • Price Center Loop
  • ProRide Ops. Base (Dept. Use Only)
  • Salk Institute
  • Sanford Consortium
  • The Preuss School

ProRide does not serve Mesa Housing or UC San Diego Health ‒ Hillcrest.

How to Request a Ride

Online or with the App

Mobile device: Search for “Dispatchur” in the App Store (Apple IOS) or Google Play (Android) and download the free app to your Smartphone or tablet.

Computer: Using your Internet browser, go to

  1. Sign in using your UC San Diego email and ProRide password. (The first time you sign in, you will need to create your account password.)
  2. From the Home tab, choose your pickup and drop-off locations and click the “Request now” button.
  3. The next screen will display your selected locations and the status of your request.
  4. Go to the Notifications tab to view your driver’s progress. You will see when your driver: accepts your request and is en route with a real-time map to track the location.
  5. The driver will send a notification upon arrival and will be waiting in a SMART car marked ProRide or a UC San Diego van, depending on your location. Be prepared to show the driver your UC San Diego ID upon request. To help ensure timely service for other passengers, your driver will wait a maximum of five minutes before heading to the next pickup. If the driver must leave without you, a missed ride will be recorded on your account. You will need to request the ride again and you will be returned to the pickup queue.
  6. The driver will take you to your destination and proceed to the next pickup.

By Phone

If you don’t have a Smartphone or Internet access, you can call (858) 534-4816 to request a pickup. The dispatcher will ask for your employee ID number to verify your eligibility. Note:

  • Your pickup may be delayed because a dispatcher must manually enter your pickup request. 
  • You will not be able to track your driver’s progress or receive notification when your driver arrives.

Cancel a Pickup

You can cancel a ride request in the app or online using the “Cancel” button if the request is still in the queue. If a driver has accepted your request or is en route, call (858) 534-4816 and the dispatcher will notify your driver.

Canceling your request by app or phone ensures that a missed ride is not recorded on your account.


Contact us at (858) 534-4816 or