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Mesa Circulator

  • Service area: Circles the Mesa Graduate & Family Housing area in both directions
  • Operates: Weekdays, 6:30 a.m. to 9 p.m. during Fall, Winter and Spring Quarters, excluding university holidays, with reduced service during academic breaks and summer sessions
  • Frequency: 3.5 minutes during peak hours; 5 minutes during off-peak hours
During COVID-19, boarding is restricted to UC San Diego students, faculty and staff. Passengers must show the driver their “green thumb” result from the daily symptom screener when boarding. If a printout is used, instead of a handheld device, a UC San Diego identification card is also required. Learn more about how we’re keeping passengers safe during COVID-19.

Route Symbol and  Diagram

Connect to Regents Express at three locations to access central campus.

Mesa Circulator route diagram

Shuttle Stops

  1. Porton/Capa
  2. Cala/Switchback (north)
  3. Mesa Nueva/Vela Parking Structure
  4. Mesa Bicycle & Pedestrian Bridge
  5. One Miramar/Nuevo West
  6. Early Childhood Education Center
  7. South Mesa Housing
  8. Central Mesa
  9. Building 9114
  10. Building 9262
  11. Porton/Capa

Route Map

Click on image to view larger map.

Mesa  Circulator route map

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