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Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic

Fall 2020 Parking Operations

Effective September 28

  • Weekday parking: Parking payment is required 7 a.m. - 9 p.m. weekdays and 10:30 a.m. - 9 p.m. weekends; however, we are providing discounted rates and more flexibility for our customers during fall quarter.
    • A permits are required to park in A spaces, except during permit upgrade hours. Select your permit type to view upgrade hours.
    • B, S and D permits are interchangeable and may be used for parking in all regular B, S or D spaces.
    • Faculty, staff and students can park in any B, S or D permit space for $4 using the Parkmobile app and parking zone number 4762.
    • Restrictions on permit spaces remain where posted, e.g., "Two Hour Limit.”
    • Restrictions on special purpose spaces, e.g., “UC Vehicles” and “Reserved,” remain in place.
    • Areas that require special supplements, like Scripps Institution of Oceanography, continue to require those supplements.
  • Weekend parking: Visitor parking rates will follow the weekend parking schedule. This means that at campus locations (excluding medical centers):
    • Individuals coming to campus for one hour or less can park for free using the Parkmobile app and the parking zone number for the V space where they park.
    • After the first free hour, campus visitors may park for $1.50/hour with a daily maximum charge of $6.
    • Faculty, staff and students can park in any V space or regular A, B, S or D permit space for $4 using the Parkmobile app and parking zone number 4762.
  • You may cancel your payroll deduction permit.
    • Cut your permit in half and send a photo of it to with the subject "Cancel My Deduction" or "Refund My Permit."
    • Prorated refunds will be issued based on the cancellation date.
  • Commuter and Visitor Information Centers remain closed. Our virtual office provides most services online, by telephone, or by email from 6:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. weekdays, excluding university holidays. Limited office appointments are available for services that can only be provided in person.
  • Campus valet operations remain suspended. Health System patient valet operations continue.

Why are you charging for parking?

Transportation Services recently paused paid parking on campus while we assessed the parking and transportation needs of those students who would remain on campus during UC San Diego’s first virtual academic quarter. We also evaluated the needs of faculty and staff in essential services positions who would remain on campus or return intermittently.

Like all auxiliaries, we examined every reasonable opportunity to reduce operating expenses for spring quarter; however, we still have significant fixed costs associated with debt on parking facilities. Even with our efforts to conserve resources, we anticipate a severe deficit that will exhaust our reserves before operations return to normal.

We sent an overview of our spring quarter operations to the university community on Thursday, March 26, 2020, which prioritizes support for patients, individuals with limited mobility and the faculty, staff and students who are ensuring continuity of education and patient care. It includes a temporary reduction in parking cost for all faculty, staff and student parking to our D (discount) permit rate for spring quarter and provides improved proximity for essential staff. The $65/month discount permit and $4/day parking rate are less than the MTS current $72/month and $6/day rates. We are extending these discounts through summer quarter, 2020.

We appreciate the understanding of our colleagues who continue to come to campus and pay for parking. We’re grateful for your efforts to fight COVID-19 and support the university community and region through this crisis. We’re in this together and Transportation Services will continue to support you and our fellow Tritons to the very best of our ability.

Fall 2020 Triton Transit Operations

Service Overview

See Triton Transit fall 2020 routes and schedules.

Limiting Service

Triton Transit has limited service to essential trips only and now requires university ID when boarding on all routes.

During COVID-19, boarding is restricted to UC San Diego students, faculty and staff. Passengers must show the driver their “green thumb” result from the daily symptom screener when boarding. If a printout is used, instead of a handheld device, a UC San Diego identification card is also required.

Face Masks Required

Triton Transit & Mobility requires that drivers and passengers wear face masks when onboard busses, carts and vans.

Reducing Density

Triton Transit has reduced the maximum occupancy of busses to 50% of seated capacity. In carts and light-duty vehicles, only members of the same household are permitted to ride in the same passenger cabin.

Protective Barriers

We’ve added Plexiglas protective barriers between the driver and passengers in our busses, carts, and vans to provide physical separation where physical distancing is not possible (e.g., during boarding).

Fresh Air

We operate with windows open to maximize the air exchange in our vehicles.

Enhanced Sanitation

Our staff spray bus, cart and van interiors with sanitizing solution each night. Drivers treat cart and van interiors with sanitizing solution between trips and clean high-touch surfaces on busses throughout the day.

We have also added hand sanitizer dispensers at all entrances and exits to reduce surface contamination and transfer.