Valet Parking Pilot Program

Transportation Services has launched a valet parking pilot program to help make parking on campus more convenient for faculty, staff and visitors. Valet service is available weekdays 7:30 a.m. to 6 p.m., excluding university holidays.

This pilot program will be offered through December 2016 and may be extended into next year. If Transportation Services determines that the program is successful, it will continue to offer valet service. Revenue generated will help offset program costs.


Valet service is available in parking lot P610 near Osler Lane and Gilman Drive. This provides convenient access to central campus areas including the School of Medicine, Chancellor’s Complex and Price Center.


  • $5 for faculty or staff with a valid A or B permit
  • $20 for visitors
  • Tipping not required


If you have questions or comments about the service, contact us at