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Missing, Lost or Stolen Parking Permits

Transportation Services officially lists annual permits missing when:

  • A missing permit report is filed by a permit holder who suspects the permit is lost or stolen
  • The permit holder leaves the university without returning the permit to the parking office
  • Parking fee payments have lapsed and the parking office is unable to contact the permit holder

Immediately report a missing permit.

Permit holders

  • File a missing permit report and take it to a parking office.
  • Only the registered permit holder can file a missing permit report.
  • Annual permit replacements are free.
  • Short-term permit replacements must be purchased, so protect your short-term permit.
  • Your lost or stolen permit becomes invalid after you file a missing permit report.


  • Report any loss or theft of permits your department or organization has purchased in bulk.
  • Take proof-of-purchase documentation to a parking office to cancel a lost or stolen permit and add it to the missing-permits list.
  • Contact the UC San Diego Police immediately if multiple permits are missing.
  • Purchase replacement permits at the parking office. A discounted rate is available in some situations — complimentary replacements are not available.

To ensure you’re not displaying a missing permit:

  • Purchase your permit from UC San Diego only.
  • Refuse any offer to use a permit someone else purchased.
  • Return a found permit to the parking office immediately. The penalty for using a permit that’s been reported missing is $320.


Contact a parking office.