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Electric Vehicle Charging Stations at UC San Diego

With funding from the Department of Energy’s EV Project, UC San Diego has installed several public electric vehicle (EV) charging stations.

Parking at EV Charging Stations

  • A valid UC San Diego A, B, S or V parking permit is required to park in campus or medical center EV charging station parking spaces.
  • A vehicle that is parked in an “EV Charging Only” space but is not actively charging may be cited and/or towed. (CVC Section 22511)
  • Vehicles parked in “EV Charging Only” spaces must be actively charging. Parked vehicles that exceed the posted time limit and/or are not actively charging will be cited (CVC 21113A).
    • Level II chargers have a 4-hour maximum limit of active charging.
    • DC Fast Chargers have a 1-hour limit active charging.

Types of Chargers

Charge Point

EVgo DC fast chargers

  • 3 DCFC chargers are located in parking lot P703.
  • Non-member rate: $0.20 / kWh
  • Member rate: $0.15 / kWh
  • If you have questions about subscribing, operating chargers or your EVgo account, call 1-855-509-5581.


Charging Station Locations

See a map of our EV charging stations or find us on the PlugShare app.

 PlugShare map


For more information about:

  • EV charging stations at UC San Diego, contact Kevin Norris, (858) 967-2363.
  • EV charger parking, contact Parking Enforcement, (858) 534-1973.