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Spin bikeshare at UC San Diego

UC San Diego Bikeshare Program

UC San Diego partners with Spin, one of North America’s leading dockless bikeshare companies, to provide bikesharing on campus. Approximately 300 Spin bikes are available in key campus locations.

+250,000 Rides!

Since the program began in January 2018, thousands of campus riders have travelled more than 60,000 kilometers (nearly 40,000 miles). Read about the program’s success.

Service Area

Bikes are meant for use on campus by students, faculty and staff. If you take a bike off campus, you should return it to campus in a timely manner the same day.

Spin retrieves all locked bicycles that are riden off campus. Spin can pick up or remove any bicycle(s) from campus and/or other San Diego locations between 9 a.m. and 6 p.m. seven days a week.

Shawn Strande on Spin

“I take the 150 express bus to campus and get off at Eucalyptus Grove Lane. I've been trying the Spin bikesharing service and, so far, I really like it. Now, instead of walking, I grab a Spin bike (when there’s one nearby), and zip across campus in about 5 minutes. It has reduced my commute by about 10 minutes each way. Shaving 20 minutes off a daily commute is fairly significant for me.”

Shawn Strande with a Spin mike


You must create a Spin account using your email address to receive these discounts.

Eligible existing Spin users get:

  • Free unlimited rides under 30 minutes on standard Spin bikes.
  • Rides on eBikes at a reduced rate of $0.50 per ride under 30 minutes

New users:

  • Download the Spin app, create an account using your email address and a credit card.
  • Eligible users will receive the standard and eBike promotional rates above.

Spin will charge riders regular rates for standard bike rides over 30 minutes and eBike rides.

Regular Rates

  • New Users: Spin provides five free rides to all new registered campus users (must be claimed within the first seven days).
  • UC San Diego users receive these discount rates:
    • $0.50 per ride under 30 minutes; $1 per each additional 30 minutes
    • eBikes:
      • Through June 30: $0.50 per ride under 30 minutes; $1 per each additional 30 minutes
      • Starting July 1: $1 to unlock; $0.15/minute
    • Subscriptions for pedal Spin bikes:
      • $14 per month for unlimited rides under 30 minutes
      • $29 per quarter for unlimited rides under 30 minutes
      • $49 per year for unlimited rides under 30 minutes
      • eBikes: Not included in current pedal Spin bike subscriptions; $1 to unlock; $0.15/minute in addition to subscription rate

How to Use Spin Bikeshare

App Store

Google Play

  1. Download the Spin app.
  2. Create an account using your email address.
  3. Unlock the GPS-equipped bike by scanning a QR code with the Spin app.
  4. Park the self-locking Spin bike safely next to a campus bike rack, ensuring that it does not block pedestrian or vehicle access. Specially designated campus bike zones will be created as demand patterns are identified. Watch the Spin Parking Rules video

Spin app hasn't ended a trip?

See what to do if the timer continues after you ended your trip.

Bike Helmets

We strongly encourage all riders to wear a helmet to help reduce the risk of severe head injury if an accident occurs. You ride at your own risk.

You are responsible for providing your own helmet, however, Commute Solutions has a limited number of helmets available for riders to borrow. Commute Solutions also has coupons for $20 off a helmet at Campus Bike & Skate for UC San Diego affiliates with current campus photo ID, while supplies last. Riders under 18 years old must wear bicycle helmets in accordance with state law.

Spin Contact Instructions

In all communication, please include the bike's 7-digit license plate number and type of bike issue or why it needs to be relocated.

  • Campus community:
    • Email: (fastest response)
    • Phone: 1-888-262-5189 to leave a message for our support team
    • URL:
    • App item: Chat with our help center through the app by clicking the profile tab > help button > "Contact Spin" button which opens chat dialogue with our support team.
  • Off-campus community: Email


Transportation Services wants to hear about your Spin bikeshare experience. If you have comments or suggestions for improving campus bikesharing, contact .