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New Parking Facilities

The campus community has clearly expressed the need for more parking. As a self-sustaining auxiliary service, parking must cover all costs associated with operating and expanding the parking system. Parking revenue also funds campus mobility programs, including our intra-campus shuttles, Triton Transit.

We recently completed the Osler Parking Structure (1,350 stalls) and Campus Point Parking Expansion (275 stalls). Parking facilities currently in construction, design or planning includes:

Project Status Anticipated Delivery Number of Stalls
Nuevo West Commuter Parking Construction Spring 2020 ~500
North Torrey Pines Living and Learning Neighborhood Construction Fall 2020 ~1,200
Future College Living and Learning Neighborhood Design Fall 2023 ~1,200
Triton Pavilion for Student Resources and Community Engagement Design 2023 ~300
Voigt East @ Baseball Stadium Design 2022 ~1,800
SIO Parking Structure Planning TBD ~300
Hillcrest Medical Center Sturcture Design 2023 ~2,400

Rapid consolidation of parking facilities and addition of parking capacity means that new debt will come online before old debt is retired. This is financially sustainable but will require modest annual increases to permit rates and sharing the cost of developing and operating parking across all users of campus parking facilities.

Learn more about how your permit fees support parking construction.

parking debt graph