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Using Your Parking Permit

Permit holders are responsible for following parking rules and instructions when parking at UC San Diego. Follow these guidelines to avoid parking citations.

Permits are:
  • Never valid in a restricted, undesignated, patient, or reserved parking space, including where posted: “A” Permit Required 24 Hrs a Day/7 Days a week
  • Non-transferable unless registered for carpool or department use.
  • UC San Diego property—resale is prohibited
  • Not a guarantee that a space will be available. A lack of space is not considered valid justification for violation of UC San Diego parking regulations.

The permit holder is responsible for the cost of the permit from the time of purchase until it expires or you submit a Cancellation/Refund Form to the parking office.

Note: Parking on university property is at your own risk. Always lock your vehicle and remove or conceal valuables.

Identifying Spaces

Look for these painted symbols on the ground to identify spaces.

  • A Faculty space
  • B Staff space
  • S Student space
  • SR: Student Resident space
  • D Discount space
  • V Visitor space

Displaying Your Permit

Displaying Your Permit

As of September 1, 2020, we are no longer issuing physical permits for most permit types. When you purchase a permit, we will associate a virtual permit to your vehicle(s) license plate number(s). That's right, no more plastic waste, lost/stolen permit concerns, or moving your permit between vehicles. To ensure you're ready for virtual parking permits this fall, you can update your vehicle registration information at any time.

New physical permits and existing permits that expire June 30, 2021 must be displayed when parking and be clearly visible to compliance officers.


Your permit decal must be properly displayed on your vehicle windshield while parked on university property. Affix your decal to the inside front windshield in the lower left or lower right corner as shown below. The entire permit must be clearly visible to compliance officers.

sample permit display


  • Follow instructions printed on both sides of your permit.
  • If you use a car cover:
    • To avoid possible damage to your vehicle, parking officers will not look under the car cover for your parking permit.
    • Lock your permit so it hangs visibly onto the driver side of the car cover. (The parking office will laminate your payroll permit upon request and provide a cable, if available.)
    • If you plan to display your permit on the rearview mirror or the driver-side dash, it must be visible to the officer without having to lift or remove the car cover.


  • Annual permits are decals. Apply to a conspicuous spot on the vehicle.
  • Short-term permits will be laminated and hole-punched by the parking office, in order to hang from a cable. The parking office can provide a cable when one is available; secure it to your motorcycle with your own lock. Position the permit so it’s easy to spot.


  • Make sure that:
    • The entire permit face is visible.
    • Your permit is valid. Permits have varying expiration dates. Please review your physical permit or virtual permit receipt for the expiration date.
  • If you forgot your hangtag or decal permit, get a complimentary day permit from the parking office or use visitor parking.
  • Never display a counterfeit, altered or missing permit. Do not:
    • Laminate your permit: Only permits laminated by the parking office are valid.
    • Change any preprinted information on the permit.
    • Reproduce your permit.
    • Display someone else’s permit or a permit that’s been reported as missing.
    • Use a permit that you reported as missing—it's no longer valid and should be returned to a parking office.
  • Any alteration, misuse, or use of a lost or stolen permit may result in confiscation of the permit, a citation carrying a substantial fine, and/or code of conduct or human resources actions.

Adding a Vehicle to Your Permit

  • Login to our online system.
  • Click “Vehicles” at the top of the page.
  • Click “Add Vehicle/Employee ID” at the bottom of the page.
  • Add your vehicle information (make, model, and license plate number) and click “Next.”
  • You will receive an alert that your vehicle has been associated with your permit(s). Confirm your permit number is listed.
  • If your permit number is not listed, contact a parking office for assistance.

Official Business Supplements

Official Business access is intended to facilitate employee parking while conducting official university business only. The access is not intended to accommodate an individual’s personal parking needs.

  • A new application is required annually.
  • Fiscal year 2020/2021 application deadline: July 10, 2020.

New for FY 2020/2021: Transportation Services is offering a 2-hour and 4-hour official business options and each has different approval guidelines. Please see details below. Virtual permitting requires official business access approval prior to permit purchase.

  • 2-hour official business application requires Department Head approval (available for A, B and R permit holders only)
  • 4-hour official business application requires Department Head and Vice Chancellor approval (available for A and R permit holders only)
  • The transition to virtual permits for individual access requires this application to be completely processed prior to permit purchase as the access is included on the permit. Shared departmental access will be remain on physical permits.

The applicant is responsible for routing the Official Business Supplement Application (PDF) to approvers and submitting the approved application to for review.

Approval Guidance:

Approval for Official Business access should be determined on predictable and consistent parking access needs using the following criteria to determine if official business access is required to complete university business.

  • Does the applicant have meetings or university-specific commitments several times a week that require them to drive their personal vehicle to locations away from their primary worksite?
  • Could other transportation modes reasonably support this movement? Examples: Walking, shuttles, use of university vehicles, bikeshare, etc.
  • Are the meetings scheduled so tightly that walking to/from the nearest available parking for the employee permit type is unfeasible?
  • If requesting the 4-hour option, are these meetings routinely longer than 2 hours?

A valid UC San Diego A, B or R parking permit with OB access allows parking in these areas for the approved duration:

  • Service Yard spaces
  • A faculty timed zones
  • UC vehicle spaces
  • V visitor spaces
  • Where posted: “A” parking permit required 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

This supplement is NEVER valid in disabled or reserved parking spaces.

Any misuse of this supplement is prohibited and may result in loss of access/or a citation carrying a substantial fine.

Service Yard Supplements

Service Yard supplements have been discontinued. For 2-hour Service Yard access, please apply for 2-hour official business access for fiscal year 2020/2021 by July 10, 2020.

Lots That Require an Access Sticker

If you plan to park in the following lots during the hours listed, you must pick up and display an access stamp or sticker (no additional fee) that affixes to your UCSD parking permit.

Lots P001–P017
Scripps Institution of Oceanography (SIO)
  • 7 a.m. – 11 p.m. daily
  • SIO access is bundled into permits that are purchase through our portal. If you have been approved for this access choose the option that identifies SIO along with the permit type you are purchasing.

Lot P706
Preuss School

  • 24 hours daily
  • Preuss access is bundled into permits that are purchased through our portal. If you have been approved for this access choose the option that identifies Preuss along with the permit type you are purchasing.
Lot P384
Sanford Consortium for Regenerative Medicine
  • 7 a.m. – 11 p.m. weekdays
  • Sanford Consortium access stickers are only available at Sanford Consortium. They provide stickers to UC San Diego employees who work at Sanford Consortium and purchase a UC San Diego parking permit.
Service Yard spaces
  • 24 hours daily
  • Require a Service Yard Supplement (see above)
  • Official Business supplements may be subject to time limits in Service Yard spaces (see above).


Contact a parking office.