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Faculty, staff and graduate students from UC San Diego, Scripps Institution of Oceanography , Salk Institute and VA Hospital can form a vanpool.

Changes Effective May 31, 2019

After multiple extensions, the UC system vanpool services contract will end on May 31, 2019; consequently, UC San Diego’s vanpool program will end then also.

UC San Diego community members will be able to arrange vanpools directly with any vanpool service provider (e.g., Enterprise). UC San Diego vanpools arranged with Enterprise will receive preferential pricing, available to University of California employees only, including a $400 subsidy through SANDAG.

While Enterprise is the only vanpool service provider currently contracted with SANDAG and eligible to manage SANDAG’s vanpool subsidies, SANDAG is evaluating responses to an RFP for vanpool services and may be able to extend subsidies to other providers as early as July. If new choices become available, we will notify the campus community and post information here.

Enterprise Transition

UC San Diego is partnering with Enterprise to support current vanpools during this transition process. Any vanpool group that wants to continue will have the opportunity to establish a vanpool with Enterprise, which operates over 3,000 vanpools in Southern California (700 in San Diego).

Enterprise transition coordinators are available to answer questions and assist with transitioning your vanpool to a direct relationship with Enterprise.

Vanpool Transition Vouchers

We recognize that this transition may be challenging for some individuals. Transportation Services wants to help by offering current UC San Diego vanpoolers a Vanpool Transition Voucher to ease the transition, whether they continue vanpooling or begin commuting by carpool or transit.

Current vanpoolers employed by UC San Diego will receive a Vanpool Transition Voucher that they can apply to a future vanpool, carpool or transit pass. Vouchers provide either a quarter of complementary vanpool/carpool parking, an additional quarter of complimentary ECO Pass access (to be combined with the current promotion to receive six months total free transit access), or a 50% discount on a three month Coaster pass.

Getting Your Vanpool Transition voucher

Transportation Services has bundled vouchers by van and they are available for pickup at the Gilman Commuter and Visitor Information Center.

Vanpoolers must redeem vouchers by close of business June 28, 2019.

Using Your Voucher for Vanpooling

Beginning June 1, 2019, vanpools will function much like large carpools and vanpool vehicles parked at UC San Diego will require a carpool parking permit. Vanpoolers can use their transition vouchers to purchase parking for their van. When you register your van for a carpool permit, your van will receive one quarter of free parking for each new vanpool member who has a transition voucher. The number of seats in your vehicle is the only limit to the number of quarters of free parking.

Parking upgrade option: With confirmation of a commercial vanpool agreement during the transition, each vanpool group has the option to purchase an A or a B parking permit for the vanpool vehicle.

Learn more about the requirements for and incentives associated with carpooling at UC San Diego.

Using Your Voucher for Carpooling

Carpooling can be cost competitive with vanpooling and can offer greater flexibility.  That’s part of why more than 25% of all UC San Diego commuters choose carpooling for their commutes. 

When your register your new carpool or when an individual with a transition voucher joins and existing carpool, your carpool will receive a quarter of free parking for each participant that has a transition voucher. The number of seats in your vehicle is the only limit to the number of quarters of free parking.

Learn more about the requirements for and incentives associated with carpooling at UC San Diego.

Using Your Voucher for Transit

You don’t need to live on a bus route for transit to make sense. Many routes are a quick bike ride away, or you can drive to a free MTS park and ride or NCTD park and ride.

UC San Diego offers a great incentive for individuals who are ready to try transit with the ECO Pass trial program. When current vanpoolers switch to transit, Transportation Services will double their free trial period — two quarters of free transit access, one quarter at half price, and unlimited monthly passes at the university’s special discounted rate (currently 25% off retail). To enroll, simply apply for the free trial and when a Commute Solutions team member contacts you, indicate that you will be using your Vanpool Transition Voucher to extend your trial.

Long-distance commuters can use their voucher to switch to rail on NCTD’s Coaster. When you use your voucher to join Coaster Club, you will receive a 50% discount on your first quarter of membership. Present your voucher when you join in person at the Gilman Commuter and Visitor Information Center.

Why Choose Vanpooling?

  • Save time: Vanpools use high occupancy vehicle (HOV) lanes.
  • Save money: Decrease gas and vehicle maintenance costs.
  • Get parking discounts: When you register your vanpool as a 3+ person carpool, you receive the same Occasional Use parking incentives carpoolers receive.
  • Receive emergency rides home: Register in advance for Guaranteed Ride Home, a SANDAG program that provides rides in case of illness, unscheduled overtime, or family emergencies. Registered users, dial 511 when you need a ride.

How to Join a New Vanpool

  1. Look for open seats using UC San Diego’s Zimride ridematching service, or contact an Enterprise Transition Coordinator:
  2. Choose a Vanpool Coordinator. One person from each vanpool must sign up with Enterprise as the Vanpool Coordinator who will:
    • Complete the Enterprise online Vanpool Coordinator agreement (Email one of our Transition Coordinators listed above for details. Enterprise does not run credit checks on Vanpool Coordinators.)
    • Be the main point of contact for the vanpool for vehicles switches, maintenance, etc.,
    • Be responsible for forwarding full monthly group payments to Enterprise (no unpaid balances)
  3. Choose drivers.
    • Most vanpools rotate drivers (2-4) who share driving responsibilities. There is no limit to the number of authorized drivers allowed.
    • No cost is associated with completing the Enterprise’s Driver Agreement available by emailing the Enterprise Transition Coordinators listed above.
    • Any vanpool member who has completed the online Enterprise Driver Agreement and been approved by Enterprise can drive the van.
    • Current drivers already on Enterprise’s Driver Agreement only need to take action if they also want to be the Vanpool Coordinator.
    • Drivers on the legacy vRide Driver Agreements must complete the online Enterprise Driver Agreement to continue to drive vehicle.


The University of California has negotiated discounted pricing on behalf of UC San Diego vanpools. Enterprise bases pricing on vehicle size, vehicle type and monthly mileage. Enterprise charges a flat monthly rental fee that includes a vehicle, insurance, maintenance and roadside assistance.The more riders you have, the less each member pays per month. Email an Enterprise Transition Coordinator for pricing options based on your group size, the type of vehicle you choose and the amount of total monthly mileage you need.  

SANDAG Subsidy

Vanpools that comply with the SANDAG subsidy program requirements will receive the $400/month monthly subsidy. 

Billing and Payment

Monthly payments are due in advance at the beginning of the month. For example, if Enterprise sends a bill for November on October 20, full payment to Enterprise would be due by November 5. 

Enterprise payment options:

  • Individual vanpoolers can pay with a credit card on Enterprise’s website.
  • The Vanpool Coordinator can collect payment from each vanpool member each month and send one payment to Enterprise (e.g., by check, EFT, or credit card).


As a convenience, Enterprise can provide groups a fuel card to consolidate their fuel on one card that can be used at most gas stations. The group must put a balance (deposit) on the fuel card at the beginning of each month for use until the balance is gone. 


The vanpool group is responsible for cleaning/washing their van.


Enterprise provides $1 million in Auto Liability coverage for each vanpool and full coverage for the vehicle itself (theft or vandalism) with zero deductible. All coverage provided is contingent on the Enterprise Driver Agreement that every driver must sign. Personal insurance would not apply unless a) the driver violated the Driver Agreement, or b) a claim exceeded the $1 million in Auto Liability coverage that Enterprise provides. 

Maintenance and Roadside Assistance

Enterprise provides details about maintenance and roadside assistance in the “COMMUTE Handbook.


If you have questions about vanpool transition vouchers, contact our vanpool program staff at or (858) 534-0883.