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U-Pass app

Triton U-Pass for Students

Triton U-Pass is a UC San Diego universal transit pass program  that provides students unlimited rides on all regional MTS and NCTD mass transit bus and trolley/light rail routes during academic quarters. This excludes:

  • NCTD: Coaster Train, FLEX and LIFT
  • MTS: Rural Routes (888, 891, 892 and 894), Rapid Express Routes (currently 270, 280 and 290) and MTS Access
Fall 2018 U-Pass ticket on Compass Cloud app is now available. 


  • All current undergraduate and graduate students who have paid quarterly registration fees are eligible for U-Pass. Eligibility verification and student ID are required.
  • UC San Diego Extension students and visiting scholars are not eligible for the program.

U-Pass Cloud App for Smartphones and Mobile Devices

U-Pass Email Invitation

You may have received another U-Pass email from MTS/Moovel and an additional transit fare appear under "My Tickets" on your Compass Cloud app. If so, don’t worry! Both tickets are valid transit passes and you can use either of them when boarding the bus or Trolley.

Get U-Pass Cloud App

Downloading the Compass Cloud app will not give you a U-Pass.

You must follow these steps:

  1. Download the Compass Cloud app on your smartphone or mobile device. (Only one device can be activated.) 

    App Store

    Google Play

  2. Create account with your email address only. Do not use alias emails, such as or
  3. Check My Tickets” in the app (available within 2 hours), select “UCSD U-Pass” and “Use Ticket.” Remember, no purchase is required; U-Pass is included with student fees.

Newly enrolled fee-paying students become eligible for a quarterly U-PASS; it may take two business days for update of enrollment status in the system.

Using U-Pass Cloud

U-Pass Cloud Ticket

Watch the How to Use Compass Cloud video.

With U-Pass Cloud, you are required to show your current UC San Diego student photo ID card if requested by transit officials.

You don't need a network or wireless connection to use U-Pass Cloud because it’s stored on your phone.
  • Open the Compass Cloud app on your smartphone and select “My Tickets” from the menu on the left of the screen. Your pass will be displayed.
  • Select UCSD U-Pass listed under “Stored Tickets.” A pop-up window will ask, “Would you like to use this ticket?” Select “Use Ticket.”
  • The pass will then activate displaying the animated Trolley, buses and COASTER on screen with the expiration date at the top. Tap the back arrow at the top left of your active ticket to return to the “My Tickets” screen. Your active pass will be shown at the top of the list, under “Tickets in Use.”
To use the interactive feature, tap on the pass and it will change colors. Tapping again returns the pass to its original state.
  • For the bus, activate your mobile pass by tapping “Use” before you board the vehicle.
  • For rail (Trolley or Sprinter), activate your ticket by tapping "Use" as you get on the platform. Your ticket must be activated in all fare-required areas. Tickets activated less than two minutes prior to inspection are subject to a fare violation citation.
  • Display QR code if an operator or fare inspector requests it. To activate the QR-code on your pass, tap on the small square QR-code icon in the bottom right corner of your active pass; tap again to close it. Fare inspectors may use the QR-code embedded within the pass to verify valid transit fare.

Troubleshooting the App

Why can’t I access my U-Pass?

Only students who receive an email confirmation from MTS/Moovel will be able to access the U-Pass ticket in the app. You must use your email address where you received the confirmation email when you create your account in the Compass Cloud app to access your U-Pass. Do not use any alias email address, e.g., or, to set up account.* Tickets should be available within two hours after you create your account. If you just paid fees or enrolled, it may take up to two days for you to receive the email confirmation and access to ticket after you create your account.

*If you created your Compass Cloud app account with an alias email, do not change the email address in that account. You must create another account with the correct email address.

Why does my ticket say, "Invalid date?"

You must go to your phone app updates or to app store and click update for the Compass Cloud app. Do not delete the app from your phone or you will remove your ticket.

Why doesn’t my pass activate quickly?

Some smartphones with older operating systems do not work as fast as newer phones. If you have an older phone, give yourself plenty of time to activate the ticket before the vehicle arrives or entering the fare-required zone. Make sure you don’t have too many applications open because this can affect app performance.

What if my app is unresponsive?

Try logging out of the app and logging back in, and then try powering your phone off and then back on.

What if my phone battery is dead?

You are responsible for showing proof of valid fare to operators, fare inspectors or other authorized personnel. If your device cannot display an active pass, you will be responsible for paying the standard fare.

What if I have a new or lost phone?

You should recall your pass before resetting your phone, uninstalling the app or getting a new device. Log into your Compass Cloud account, navigate to “My Account” and then to “My Tickets” and click the "Recall my Tickets" button. Follow the instructions to recall your pass.

When you sign into your new app, you will be taken to the “My Tickets” screen if you have retrievable tickets. Then, tap the "Retrieve My Tickets" button. You can also complete this process from the "My Account" section of the app.

Who do I contact for assistance with the Compass Cloud app?

Visit MTS Customer Service or contact the Compass Service Center, (619) 595-5636.

U-Pass Sticker – Waiver Required

Sticker Availability for Non-Smartphone Users

U-Pass stickers are available for students who do not have access to use the U-Pass app with a smartphone or are unable to use the U-Pass app due to a disability.

Note: If you have a U-Pass sticker, you cannot use the U-Pass Cloud app for the 2018–19 academic year. 

Transportation Services will approve exception waivers and send confirmation emails within two business days of submission. You must receive a confirmation email before you can order a sticker. After you receive your confirmation email, you will be able to order a U-Pass sticker online for delivery by mail in 5–7 business days.

U-Pass sticker supplies are limited. Please be courteous and only request a sticker if you need one.

Using U-Pass Sticker

  • Show your U-Pass to the bus driver as you board. When riding the MTS trolley or NCTD Sprinter, be prepared to present your U-Pass to officials upon request.
  • U-Pass is non-transferable. Do not let anyone else use your U-Pass or MTS will revoke access to the U-Pass program for all involved parties. The university may also take additional disciplinary action.
  • Report problems with U-Pass immediately. For any issues or complaints related to services, bus drivers or problems using your U-Pass, contact the service provider.

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