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Triton Commuter Club

Triton Commuter Club

Triton Commuter Club

The Triton Commuter Club recognizes and rewards your actions to reduce the traffic, parking and environmental impacts of driving alone. Whether you’re coming to campus daily, learning and working from home, choosing lower-impact modes every day or mixing up your commute, you can reduce your impact and earn rewards.

The Triton Commuter Club Portal is built on the RideAmigos platform and provides trip-planning, ride-matching, and trip logging to earn prizes and incentives. Club participants must actively log their trips by the last day of each month to qualify for incentives. This program and the portal are currently in a public beta and we will continue to fine-tune both through Summer Quarter 2021.


  • Monthly and Quarterly Drawings: Each day that you choose a lower impact travel mode, work or learn remotely, or have an “extra” day off associated with a compressed work week, you earn another entry toward the monthly drawing AND the quarterly grand prize drawing. We will announce 20 prizewinners at the end of each month and one grand prizewinner at the end of each calendar quarter. The less you drive alone, the more chances you have to win!
  • Special Challenge Days: Occasionally, we’ll send an email encouraging you to make specific travel choices on special challenge days, like Clean Air Day, MTS Free Ride Day, Bike to Work Day, or Earth Day. When you participate in the challenge and log your trips that day, you can earn special incentives.
  • Half-Price 10-Day Permit: Faculty, staff, and graduate students can earn a new discounted 10-Day permit each month that will remain valid until the fiscal year end on June 30. Discount incentive permits will be available for purchase online by the 5th of each month.
  • Bonus Drawing for Undergraduate Remote Learners: We’re delighted to share that Associated Students is sponsoring a special, bonus drawing just for those who are engaged in remote learning. Whether you’re learning remotely from your residence hall, out of state or out of the country, you’ll be eligible to win one of 10 $50 gift certificates for online purchases at the UC San Diego Bookstore.

Eligibility Requirements

  • UC San Diego faculty, staff, graduate students, and undergraduate students are eligible to participate in the Triton Commuter Club.
  • To earn incentives, you must sign-in to the Triton Commuter Club Portal online and complete your trip-logging by the end of each month to qualify for incentives. If you forget to complete the survey one month, don’t worry. While you will not earn incentives for that month, your membership continues and you’ll have another chance to earn the following month.
  • Purchasing or owning an annual or consecutive-day parking permit will disqualify the permit-holder from Triton Commuter Club incentives. When your permit expires or you cancel it, return to logging your alternate commute days on your Triton Commuter Club account to continue earning rewards.
  • Undergraduate participants are not eligible for discount parking; however, undergraduates are eligible for other incentives AND the bonus drawing for undergraduate remote learners.
  • To be eligible for the quarterly grand prize drawing, you must be a current Triton Commuter Club member at the end of the quarter.
  • Grand prizes, or the combined value of multiple prizes, may be taxable. Winners are individually responsible for any taxes associated with their winnings.

How to participate in Triton Commuter Club

  • Log on to the Triton Commuter Club Portal; you will be redirected to
  • Click on “Login Here” located on the top right side of the screen.
  • Login using your UC San Diego Single Sign-On credentials.
  • Select your user network (Faculty, Staff and Graduate students are on a separate network from Undergraduates).
  • Follow the prompts to set up your commutes. Pro Tip: If you’re working/learning remote, use the same start and end address for one of your saved commutes.
  • Start logging your commute days each week or at the end of each month.
  • Your regular participation by “trip-logging” provides automatic entry in to the Triton Commuter Club incentive drawings. All qualifying trips must be logged by the last day of each month to earn incentives.

Questions about the process? Check out the Triton Commuter Club Portal FAQ.

Parking Incentives

We’ll run the Triton Commuter Club user reports on the 1st of each month and process the results on or before the 5th. Faculty, staff, and graduate students who logged at least 15 days of alternative transportation during the preceding month will receive access to the “Half-Price 10-Day Incentive Permit” AND be entered in the monthly and quarterly drawing. Your discounted permit will be available for purchase by the 5th of the following month and will remain available through the end of the month in your account. When purchased, your permit will be delivered immediately as a code for the Parkmobile app on your printable receipt. Once you enter the code in the app, you’ll have your 10 days of prepaid parking to use any time before July 1.

If you do not use an iOS or Android smartphone, you can redeem your parking code and initiate parking sessions on the Parkmobile website.

To claim your half-price 10-day permit:

  • Go to online sales.
  • Click on “Get Permits.”
  • Login using UC San Diego Single Sign-On.
    • Staff use Business Systems.
    • Medical Center staff may use Active Directory.
    • Graduate students use Single Sign-On.
  • Verify/Update your home mailing address. Your purchase will be fulfilled electronically, but your address confirmation helps improve our carbon emissions modeling and ensures that any official communications we may need to send (e.g., parking citation notices) reach you in a timely manner.
  • Select the $30.00 “A” or $25.00 “B” 10-Day permit.
  • Select “Pay Now” to complete the transaction.
  • Your receipt will include the zone number and promo code for use in the Parkmobile app or on the Parkmobile website.

Triton Commuter Club Official Drawing Rules


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