Buying a Parking Permit

Parking permits are sold online and in parking offices. See parking permits to find out where specific permits are sold.

Note: Student permits are only available online.

To purchase a parking permit, you'll need:

  • Your vehicle information (make, model, and license plate number)
  • Campus ID (for most student, staff, and faculty permits)
  • Online purchase requires:
    • Single Sign-On access
    • A valid Visa, Mastercard, American Express card or student account
    • Access to a printer to print your receipt, which serves as a temporary permit for 7 business days, until you receive your permit by mail

Annual and multiyear permits

  • Are prorated on the 1st and 16th each month
  • Multiyear permits:
    • Require payroll deductions
    • Do not expire until the date shown on the permit.
  • Annual permits:
    • Require full payment or monthly payroll or student account deductions
    • Expire on June 30.
  • Payroll and student account deductions for permits will continue until you submit a Cancellation/Refund Form (PDF) and surrender the permit at a parking office.