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Parking for Freshmen

Freshmen students can purchase daily pay station and Summer Session parking permits only.

Other Options

If you need assistance finding the best transportation alternatives to meet your needs, contact Commute Solutions.

Disability and Medical Accommodations

If you have a disability or medical condition that requires you to have access to a personal vehicle while you are at UC San Diego, you can apply for a Disabled Person parking placard or license plate from your home state or from the California Department of Motor Vehicles. If you have a Disabled Person placard or license plate, you can park in accessible spaces on campus without displaying a parking permit. If you need additional accommodations to access university programs and services, register with the Office for Students with Disabilities.

If you are not eligible for a Disabled Person placard or license plate and you need access to a personal vehicle at UC San Diego, register with the Office for Students with Disabilities. The OSD can work with you to determine reasonable accommodations to assist in accessing university programs and services, including making a determination about your need for a vehicle on campus. 

Academic, Work and Family Care Commitments

A limited number of exceptions will be allowed each quarter for students with extenuating circumstances. Students must submit a new exception request each quarter — fall, winter and spring. No exception is required for Summer Sessions.

Exception requests will be evaluated quarterly on a case-by-case basis by a committee comprised of three student representatives — two from Associated Students and one from the Graduate Student Association — and two Transportation Services staff representatives.

Athletes seeking an exception should apply through The Athletics Department will forward approved requests to the exception committee for review. Approval from the Athletics Department does not guarantee the request will be approved.

The committee will evaluate justifications, supporting documents, level of hardship and space availability when reviewing exception requests. Transportation Services will send an email response to all students who submit an exception request.

  • If your request is approved, you will have five days to purchase the approved S quarterly parking permit.
  • If your request is denied, you may apply again for the next quarter during the application period. There is no appeal process.

2018-19 Exception Request Processing

Academic Quarter Application Period Email Notification

Fall 2018

Aug. 19 through Sept. 28, 2018

Oct. 1, 2018

Winter 2019

Dec. 1‒14, 2018

Dec. 17, 2018

Spring 2019

Feb. 18 through March 2, 2019

March 6, 2019

To apply for an exception to purchase a winter quarterly S parking permit, complete the online exception request form. (Note: The committee may ask for additional documentation to support your request.)


Contact the campus parking office.