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ECO Pass for Faculty and Staff

ECO Pass provides faculty and staff unlimited access to all regional MTS and NCTD mass transit bus and trolley/light rail routes at a 25% discount. This excludes:

  • NCTD: Coaster Train, FLEX and LIFT
  • MTS: Rural Routes (888, 891, 892 and 894), Rapid Express Routes (currently 270, 280 and 290) and Access

Free Summer Trial

Transportation Services is offering a complimentary ECO Pass for new faculty and staff transit riders during Summer Quarter 2018. To reserve your space in the Eco Pass Free Summer Trial, please submit the form below. A Commute Solutions staff member will be in touch with additional information before June 1. Note: Supply is limited.

How to Enroll

ECO Pass is a 30-day recurring regional transit pass (MTS/NCTD) that uses a MTS Compass Card.  To enroll in the ECO Pass program, faculty and staff must:

  • Sign up for payroll deduction by completing the Transit Pass Payroll Authorization/Cancellation Form (PDF). The $54 per month payroll deduction purchase of a transit pass also qualifies as a pre-tax payment. One payroll deduction enrollment per person per fiscal year is allowed.
  • Submit the completed form in person at the campus parking office. You will also need :
    • Your UCSD photo ID
    • Two months advanced payment using cash/check/credit card (to cover pass costs until payroll deduction begins). Note: No refunds are issued for 30-Day or 60-Day passes and advanced purchases loaded over the counter.
    • Eligible campus employees may also purchase a 30-Day ECO Pass Compass Card and reloads with cash, check or credit card at the Commute Solutions desk in the campus parking office.

Note: Eligible employees age 60+ may sign up at the $18 per month senior rate instead of enrolling in ECO Pass. Bring your government-issued photo ID card with proof of birth date and UC San Diego photo ID card to sign up at the Parking Office. Disabled employees may also qualify for the $18 discount rate which requires completion of the MTS application.

Seniors must provide a state-issued driver’s license, government-issued photo identification card, or an Senior/Disabled/Medicare Compass Card with integral photo identification when purchasing a Senior Pass, or boarding a transit vehicle with a Senior Pass.

Transportation Services:

  • Does not qualify or issue Compass Cards for Persons with Disabilities or Medicare (see MTS Senior/Disabled/Medicare Discounted Fares)
  • Is authorized to sell and add Senior/Disabled/Medicare fares to Compass Cards of eligible persons qualified as UCSD eligible affiliates.

Using ECO Pass

  • The UC San Diego ECO Pass is an MTS Compass Card.
  • Activate by tapping your card on a fare validator; MTS recommends that users tap at least once by the 14th of the usage month. Learn more about Compass Card and how it works.
  • Once you sign up for payroll deduction, your ECO Pass renews automatically and confirms your fare when you tap it on the fare validator. Note: MTS pass renewal is based on a 30-day cycle and up to 5 days of fares each year may not be covered by your ECO Pass. You should be prepared to pay your fare in cash at your expense if this situation occurs.
  • ECO Pass and UC San Diego issued Compass Cards are not transferable. No refunds.
  • To cancel ECO Pass and automatic payroll deduction, you must submit a new Transit Pass Payroll Authorization/Cancellation Form (PDF) by the 15th of the month before the change is to be effective to ensure adequate time to cancel payroll deductions.
  • Report problems with ECO Pass immediately to MTS. Call (619) 557-4555, weekdays 9 a.m.–5 p.m. During non-business hours, leave a recorded message. You can also complete the MTS Contact Form.

Compass Card Replacement

  • Report lost or stolen ECO Passes immediately to Commute Solutions, (858) 534-7433.
  • A $15 replacement fee and new Compass Card may take up to one week. The user is responsible for fare payment until MTs processes your replacement.


Contact Commute Solutions.