Lyft FLEX – Student Flexible Commute Pilot Program


UC San Diego Transportation Services is excited to announce a partnership with Lyft that offers a new option to meet your transportation needs!

To complement existing alternative commuting programs for the Fall 2017 quarter, students can now purchase a Flex Commute option and receive additional Lyft FLEX credits. As part of Lyft FLEX, eligible students will receive free parking permits to meet daily UC San Diego commute needs.

Two Lyft FLEX options are available for students to purchase:  

  • Lyft FLEX 195 = $180 – receive $195 Lyft credits and 5 days of free parking*
  • Lyft FLEX 390 = $360 – receive $390 Lyft credits and 10 days of free parking*

*The free permits incentive only applies to students who do not have a current parking restriction. 


All undergraduate and graduate students who have paid quarterly registration fees are eligible for the one-time, Fall 2017 Lyft FLEX Commute program. UC San Diego Extension students and visiting scholars are not eligible for the program.

Note: If you choose to participate in Lyft FLEX, you will not be eligible to purchase a quarterly or annual parking permit.

Purchase Lyft FLEX

Purchase one of the two Lyft FLEX commute options sold online only. Credits and parking days are non-transferable and non-refundable. Purchase with Visa, Mastercard, American Express, cash or student account.

  • Lyft FLEX 195 = $180
    • Receive $195 Lyft credits
    • Eligible students receive 5 days of free parking*
  • Lyft FLEX 390 = $360
    • Receive $390 Lyft credits.
    • Eligible students receive 10 days of free parking*

Note: Lyft credits expire December 31, 2017. Unused credits and parking days will not rollover to future quarters.

*The free permits incentive only applies to students who do not have a current parking restriction.

Free Parking Days

To redeem your free parking days, eligible students must:

  • Allow one business day after purchase to access Transportation Services’ online sales system
  • Select the day to purchase a permit on demand
  • Have your license plate number and a printer to complete the transaction and print your permit


Using Lyft FLEX

 Lyft app

  1. At the end of your Lyft FLEX purchase, you will receive a Lyft code on your receipt along with a confirmation email sent to your address.
    • New Lyft Users: Download the Lyft app for iPhone, Android or Windows Phone. You will be asked to enter your mobile phone number and you will be prompted to create an account. Use your email address.
    • Existing Lyft Users: Make sure to update to the latest version of the app. Follow the instructions to activate your Lyft FLEX credits and link your email address to your existing Lyft account by adding it on the Lyft app Settings menu. 
  2. Verify your email address.
  3. Enter the Lyft code provided on your purchase receipt using the Lyft app Promos menu.
    • If you didn’t receive your email receipt with your Lyft FLEX purchase code, contact Transportation Services at
  4. Once you enter the code, the Lyft FLEX credits will be activated and applied automatically to your account.
    • You can verify your balance in the Lyft app.
    • Credits will automatically apply to any rides you take during the Fall 2017 Quarter.
    • Once you activate your account, make sure you request Lyft rides and your account is set to Personal mode.
  5. Use your credits by December 31, 2017.

Tip: Using Lyft Line allows you to maximize your Lyft credits. Lyft Line is a carpooling option that matches riders heading in the same direction and you can pay up to 60% less (overall ride times are slightly longer with this option). You are able to bring one other person in your party.

Safety Tips

pair up verify sshare
  • Pair up by traveling with a friend.
  • Verify your driver and vehicle. Once you have requested a Lyft ride, you can view the driver’s rating. When your ride arrives, make sure the driver’s photo, license plate number and vehicle description match. Never take a ride you did not request or get into a car that doesn't’t match the details the Lyft app provides.
  • Share your estimated arrival time by using the Lyft “share your ETA” function that allows you to invite friends to see your trip in real-time. The app will draft a text message that you can share with friends that includes your ETA and a link to a live map that allows them to track your trip. You can also call a friend or family member and stay on the phone while you’re in the vehicle.

Get the Lyft App

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