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Faculty, staff and students who live off campus can participate in the carpool program. Undergraduates and Extension students must join during the first six weeks of the quarter.


  • Save time: Carpools can use high occupancy vehicle (HOV) lanes.
  • Save money: Share the cost of an annual permit and gas.
  • Park in reserved carpool spaces based on your permit type, e.g., S permit in S Carpool only, B permit in B or S Carpool and A permit in A, B or S Carpool:
    • 3+ Person Reserved
      • Receive a reserved carpool space access sticker when you have 3 or more registered carpool members.
      • Carpool space access requires that 3 or more members carpool on the day of use.
    • 2+ Person Reserved
      • Receive a 2-Person Carpool access pass for use in 7–11 a.m. limited reserved S parking spaces near ramps in Osler and Hopkins Parking Structures.
      • The 2-Person Carpool space access requires that 2 or more members carpool on the day of use.
  • Park free when necessary: Faculty, staff and graduate student riders may receive a complimentary 10-Day permit each quarter.
  • 3+ person carpools park free in campus valet lots: A and B permit holders in a registered UC San Diego carpool with 3+ members can valet park for free with a current Carpool Sticker on the permit.
  • Get guaranteed rides home: Register in advance for SANDAG’s Guaranteed Ride Home program that provides rides for employees in case of illness, unscheduled overtime or family emergencies.
  • Drive shared vehicles: Pay no Zipcar application fee and receive rental credits (when you meet UC San Diego eligibility requirements).

How to Form a Carpool

  1. Use UC San Diego’s Zimride Ridesharing Network or personal networking to find other UC San Diego faculty, staff and students who want to carpool. Each carpool:
    • Consists of 2‒4 eligible members committed to carpooling daily; proof of appropriately sized vehicle(s) required for larger groups
    • Must purchase and share a single valid multiyear, annual or student quarterly parking permit (Student S quarterly permit sales are limited and S carpools must be completed in person at the Gilman Parking Structure Office within the first two weeks of classes).
    • Has a primary driver, but members can share driving responsibilities (Note: Vehicles owned by freshmen may not be listed as permit users unless they have received an approved quarterly permit exception.)
  2. Register your carpool at a parking office to receive incentives; registration is free. (Undergraduates are not eligible for incentive parking permits).
    • The faculty or staff permit owner registers as the primary driver.
      • All new employee carpoolers must register together in person with a valid UC San Diego photo ID card at the Gilman, Osler or Athena parking office.
      • Once the required number of carpoolers are registered (2 or 3+), Commute Solutions will issue a carpool permit sticker to the permit owner who must present his/her parking permit for verification.
    • The student permit owner registers as the primary driver and all carpool members must come to the office together with the primary driver to register the carpool before the deadline within 14 calendar days of start of classes. Class/Work schedules must show three weekdays compatibility (no specific hours required). 
    • For reserved carpool space access:
      • At least three members must register as regular carpoolers to receive a 3+ carpool sticker.
      • At least two members must register as regular carpoolers to receive a 2-Person Carpool sticker.
  3. Eligible faculty, staff and graduate students members receive quarterly incentive parking permits.


Contact Commute Solutions.